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Mã sản phẩmBST100-A11
Loại sản phẩmBộ chỉ thị Cân băng tải
Hãng sản xuấtHãng khác
Giá sản phẩmLiên hệ
Khuyến mại
Bảo hành12 tháng

Weighing controller&indicator BST100-A11is mainly used for weighing, feeding&batching systems of belt scale. It adopts A/D conversion technology and broad-range speed pulse input circuit. Max. 8 loadcells are connectable. The functions of segmenting calibration, zero auto- tracking, key-locking & auto-locking, full digital setting & calibration, system start&stop control, feeding closed-loop control and so on are available. It can support industry configuration software

Technical Specifications:

Power Supply

Operating Voltage 1: AC220V, -15%~+10%

Operating Voltage 2: AC85~264V

Operating Frequency: 50Hz,±2%.

Max. Power: 20W.


 LCD with 7 background colors and Chinese & English display. 

 6 keys for Menu operation with key tone.

 Key-locking and Auto-locking

 Load Cell Signal Input Interface

 Excitation Voltage Output: DC10V.

1 Weighing Input Signal: 0~30mV or 0/4~20m

 Wiring Modes: 6-wire, 4-wire and 2-wire

 Max. Connection Number: 8 Loadcells (350.0.5~3.0mV/V).

A/D Converter

24-bit ADConverter

Sampling Frequency: Max. 100Hz.

Speed Sensor Signal Input Interface(SENSOR/SPEED)

 1 Speed Pulse Input Signal.

 Frequency Range:0.5~5000Hz.

 Power Supply Output:DC5~12V(adjustable),Max.100mA.

Analog Signal Output Interface(AO)

Max.3 Analog Output Signals:4~20mA.(AO3:optional)


 Definalbe:Flow Set-Point Input,Belt Angle Compensation Input,etc. Analog Signal Input Interface(AI) 1 Analog Input Signal:4~20mA. 


Definalbe:Flow Set-Point Input,Belt Angle Compensation Input,

Totalized Weight High-Speed Pulse Signal Output Interface(PO)

1 Open-Collector Output.

Capacity of Contacts:100mA,DC5~24V.

 Weight per Pulse and Pulse Width can be Preset. Relay/Transistor Switch Signal Output Interface

  4 Normally Open Relays or Transistor Switch Outputs.

 Capacity of Relay Switch:AC25V/DC24V,1A.

 Capacity of Transistor Switch:DC24V,500mA.

 Definable:Flow/Load/Speed/PID/Flow Deviation Limit Alarm,Totalized Weight Low Speed Pulse,Auto[PID]/Flow Outer Setting/Calibrating/Running State,Output DI1/DI2/DI3 Signal,Serial Port Set,Feeder Control,Scale Control,Batch-Finish,etc.

Digital Switch Signal Input Interface(DI)

3 DI Switch Input. 

Definalbe:Weighing/PID Control Switch,System Ready,Zero Calibration,Clear Screen,Start Control,Stop Control,etc.

Digital Communication Interface (COM) 

COM1 Optional:RS485,Profibus-DP,Ethernet,CANBUS,Wireless Module(Only for BST100-A21),etc)  COM2: RS232.

Connectable: IPC/PLC, Remote Display, Remote Operating Terminal, Serial Printer, Wireless Module, etc.

Power Supply Output: DC5V, 100mA

Weight Record Save&Print

 Weight record per Shift/Day/Month of a year can be auto-saved and printed

 Outline Dimension

A11:160* 84 * 188 mm(W*H*D)

Weight: Approx. 1.5kg (A11) and 3.4kg (A21).

Temperature and Humidity Service Temperature: -10 to +40 degree celsius. Storage Temperature: -20 to +60 degree celsius. Relative Humidity: Max. 85%RH. IP Grade: IP50 (A11) and IP65 (A21).



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